Meet BC President Bruce Branch

Bruce Branch is best known as an award-winning journalist, orator, author, community activist, businessman, civic leader and spiritual leader for many people who suffer from debilitating life controlling problems.
  He is the founder and former pastor of For Christ Sake Christian Ministries of Southern Maryland. He currently serves as an assistant pastor at Unity Baptist Church in the District of Columbia. He is founder of Branch Communications and Publisher of the Black Connection Newspapers of Southern Maryland, both dedicated to empowering and enlightening African Americans. As President of Branch Communications, he has steadily built the company into a thriving enterprise since its beginning in 2002. In the past year, the company has provided services to more than 100 small businesses in Maryland. The company also has written grants that has resulted in more than $10 million in community-based programs for clients.  Branch, who was the first African-American sportswriter at the Louisville Courier Journal in Kentucky and who hosted the first syndicated radio show for African Americans in the State of Kentucky, was inducted into the Kentucky Black Sports Hall of Fame on May 7, 2011 in Louisville, Kentucky. Branch also was the first African-American sportswriter at the Macon-Telegraph-News in Macon, Georgia. Branch was an award winning journalist during his tenure at the Louisville Courier Journal and Times from 1980-1986.

He was one of the first African-American sportswriters to hold a major sports beat at a national newspaper. Branch also hosted what was then one of the first African-American syndicated radio shows in the nation during the 1980’s– Strictly Sports for Ebony-Jet owned station WLOU Radio in Louisville. Branch also is former host of A Moment of Truth Religious Program on WYCB (Washington, DC, WLLV (1340) and the New FM 104 Louisville and WAGE Radio (Leesburg, Va) and producer of Talking With Toni Cable TV Show in Southern Maryland. Branch also is the writer of record of the movies Players Club and Casino Comedy. He began his journalism career at the high school department of the Washington Star-News. Branch also has worked as a reporter and editor covering a variety of topics for the USA Today, Reston Times, Gazette Newspapers, Washington Afro-American, Washington Informer, Prince George’s Sentinel, Washington Examiner, Prince George’s Post, Prince George’s Times and Communications Daily. He has also written for the Calvert County Recorder, Minority Business News Magazine, Journal Newspapers and Sporting News Magazine where he won an award that chronicled the challenges of African American college basketball coaches.

As a publicist, Bruce Branch and Branch Communication’s special gift is bringing attention to cases where individuals have suffered injustice, including DC Sniper wife Mildred Muhammad and NBA basketball star Chris Webber. He has worked with some of the nation’s most respected leaders, including civil rights leaders Walter Fauntroy, Dick Gregory, Jesse Jackson Sr., Horace Sheffield, Al Sharpton and Joe Madison. In addition, his services have been used by some of the nation’s top attorneys, including the late Johnny Cochran.  He has placed stories for clients in many of the nation’s top media publications, including The Washington Post, Gazette Newspapers, Journal Newspaper, USA Today, Black, Essence Magazine, Sporting News, Louisville Courier Journal, Washington Informer, Washington Afro, Gazette Newspapers, Washington Times. Black Entertainment Television (BET) and CBS News.